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Financial Planning

Empowering Your Financial Future with Personalized Planning!

At Forward Financial, we specialize in simplifying the financial planning process by transforming what seems overwhelming into a clear and achievable path. We are here to organize, guide, and support you in realizing your financial aspirations.

Our expertise lies in our client-focused approach. We offer:

Personalized Goal Setting and Planning: Tailoring strategies to your unique dreams.

Comprehensive Cash Flow Management: Optimizing your financial resources.

Focused Education and Investment Analysis: Aligning your investments with your life goals.

Risk Management and Estate Planning Strategies: Strategies designed to protect your future and legacy. 

Retirement and Income Planning: Creating a secure and comfortable retirement path.

Our planning fees reflect the complexity of your individual goals, ensuring a customized and transparent approach.

We understand that financial planning can feel daunting.

The complexity of managing finances, coupled with the challenge of aligning them with your life goals, can be overwhelming.

You're not alone in feeling that financial planning is a monumental task that's difficult to start.

Our process is designed with you in mind:

FInancial planning process diagram - Get organized, Deep Dive and Goals, Plan Projections, Protection and Investment Planning

Financial Planning Fees

$1,500 - $8,000

Our planning fees are based on the complexity of your unique goals and financial situation. Once we get to know you and your financial situation we can quote you a specific planning fee. Planning fees are separate from investment management fees and are renewable annually as we update and review your goals and needs. 

After the financial plan is delivered, we can continue the relationship through frequent meets. I prefer to meet at 3 and 6 months after the plan delivery. 

Regularly update and review your plan to keep your progress on track. 

This description of services and sample fees is provided for informational purposes only. The specific services to be provided and fees to be charged to each client are negotiated with each client and set forth in a written agreement with Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation (“LFS”) and accompanying fee schedules. Clients should refer to their written agreement with LFS and accompanying fee schedules for definitive information regarding the services they are entitled to receive and the fees they will pay for those services. For additional information on services and fees, clients should also review LFS’s Form CRS and applicable Forms ADV Part 2A, which are available at under My accounts—Disclosures.

Get a glimpse of your retirement readiness with

our Free Retirement Calculator.

Gain insights and start planning for a secure future.

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